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Shopping and drinking in style

Maasboulevard is a place where young and old gravitate , with inviting grassy slopes bordering the river in the summer and a main shopping thoroughfare for retail bliss in winter. Maasboulevard is a contemporary urban space with a wealth of shops and various places to eat and drink. The place to meet in Venlo!

Fabulous food with a fantastic view

After a hard day's shopping, the many restaurants and bars on Maasboulevard offer the ultimate place to rest your weary feet and chat while enjoying a fantastic view. With a delicious drink close at hand.

Grass beach 'the Catwalk'

See and be seen, in the sunshine, in one of the most scenic spots of Venlo. It's not known as the Catwalk for nothing!

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How Maasboulevard came about

Maasboulevard is an new addition to Venlo but with a long history. That history is depicted in the paving stones on the harbour wall on the side of Primark facing the Maas. It used to be a busy harbour, but as ships and barges became larger, and competition from road and rail transport grew, this small harbour gradually faded into insignificance. The economic activity around the harbour drifted into decline too. The district became impoverished and depressed and threatened to turn into a no-go area.

The authorities took action and turned necessity into a virtue. New high-street stores were clamouring to establish in Venlo, but the existing infrastructure offered too little space. On top of that, Venlo had to take measures designed to protect the city from the risk of more frequent flooding. All these factors combined to make realising a new Maasboulevard a realistic proposition.

Today Maasboulevard has become the place for young and old to meet and enjoy the yacht and leisure craft in the harbour, the changing face of the Maas, the shoppers, sunshine and snowfall and the various events that are held here throughout the year.

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Shopping in a modern city

Surprising Venlo! We hear visitors say it so many times after their first visit to our lovely city of Venlo - what a surprise! After all, Venlo is home to a whole host of speciality shops and boutiques! We were deservedly awarded the title of Best City Centre in 2014 and 2015. And Maasboulevard makes an important contribution to this accolade.