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About Venlo Partners

About Venlo Partners

Venlo Partners is the city marketing organisation that actively brings together different parties and initiatives with the aim of raising the profile of Venlo by promoting the city centre, events and student life. It stimulates the development of new and existing activities. Local and regional initiatives are embraced and linked to the Venlo branding image. By forging strategic partnerships and its pragmatic power as a city marketing organisation, Venlo Partners acts as an indispensable link between regional ambitions and the making project proposals a reality.

Our objectives

The focus of Venlo Partners is on achieving the aims of the strategic vision outlined in Venlo2030. The aims: Making residents of Venlo aware of their role as ambassador s of the city. We allow visitors to the city, and in particular young and ambitious visitors, to discover - and re-discover - the appeal of the city centre. And create a lasting bond between students, who positively impact on the attractiveness of the city, and Venlo.

How we achive that

To successfully realise all the projects and initiatives, Venlo Partners cooperates closely with a strong team of specialised free-lancers. Their expertise is harnessed to create the best synergy with the dynamic momentum of city marketing. And the common denominator is our love of the city. That unites and inspires us.

Our Partners

We promote Venlo in collaboration with our Partners. Venlo is a hard-working, enterprising and multi-faceted city. A city where the possibilities are endless. A city bursting with active residents with brilliant ideas. A city of innovation, the joys of life and cooperation. Together we support and endorse new developments in the areas of entrepreneurship, studying shopping, events but above all experiencing the true essence of our city.

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