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Plan your Visit

Everything you need to know about your visit to Venlo

Let us put your mind at ease

There is plenty to do in Venlo. Whether you’re up for some urban exploring or looking for a breath of fresh air in beautiful nature, everything is possible! Go at it alone or get all the inside info from one of our city guides but whatever you do, get ready for the versatility of Venlo.

Looking for a group outing or extraordinary city exploration?

Look no further than Tourist Information Venlo (Toeristen Informatie Venlo) on Klaasstraat 17 for personal advice on how to make your stay in Venlo unforgettable. They know every nook, cranny and all the hidden gems in our city, so leave it up to them to give you all the insider information!

They can help with:

  • A free city plan
  • City walks with or without a guide
  • Hiking, walking and biking guides
  • Gift cards and regional and local gifts
Visit Tourist Information Venlo
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Opening hours and Sunday shopping

Although shop keepers keep their own opening hours most shops in Venlo are open seven days a week (so also on Sunday!) with Thursday evening being the traditional shopping evening.

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Preparation is the key to success

Are you planning a visit to Venlo? Come prepared and check access to and parking in and around our city centre.

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Accessibility & public transport

Venlo is easily accessible by car, train, bus, and aeroplane.

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Are you coming to Venlo by car? Park your car right in the centre town; without a care, safe safe and close to all the action.

Are you staying over?

What’s better than one day of Venlo? Right! Two days in our beautiful city. Stay the night and feel at home!

Are you looking for a hotel right smack in the middle of the city centre or looking for greener pastures? A cosy bed & breakfast, campsite, or holiday resort? You can find them in and around Venlo, and we have made a list of all your options!

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