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Versatile Venlo

Versatile Venlo

There is so much to see and do in Venlo. Urban adventurers or nature lovers - versatile Venlo will please everyone. Set out on your own voyage of discovery or be inspired by one of our city guides. Let the versatility of Venlo surprise and enchant you!

Open for questions!

Are you looking for a special way to spend a day as a group, or would you like to uncover the unique and hidden secrets of the city with a guided tour? We are happy to help you on your way. Our host and hostesses can supply all the information you need to help you plan and create the ultimate visit. Drop by at the tourist information office ( VVV-kantoor - in the Koops bookshop) in Klaasstraat and experience Venlo to the full! Venlo Partners, the city marketing organisation can also provide tips and information. The door on Picardie is always open.

Go to the VVV-kantoor (tourist-information)
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Get a city map

We have handy city maps and guides available at our office at Picardie 11a. The map shows the city plan and a list of a number of must-sees. A super easy guide to find your way around. Please feel free to drop by and pick up a copy. And - it's in three languages!

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Accessibility and transport

Venlo is easy to reach by car, train, bus and plane. The city offers outstanding amenities with a modern central railway station just a few minutes away from the charming centre and all the sights and more than 6000 parking spaces.