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Welcome to Venlo

Welcome! This is the page for visitors to Venlo, a green and vibrant, historic city on the Maas. A city where everything is possible. A city with many hidden assets that surprise and delight visitors. A city of hard-workers with an inventive character. A city of delicious food and drink, a host of options for leisure and recreation and events that appeal to all!

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Shopping in Venlo

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Attractions & Museums

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Dining & Drinking

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Enjoy the good life in the city centre

The centre of Venlo is the place to enjoy the good life. The city boasts a wealth of unique shops and boutiques and all the well-known high street brands. In the summer months, the terraces are crowded and after a day spent shopping more and more people find their way to one of the many restaurants from the rich, culinary menu in Venlo. Parade has breathed new life into its traditional reputation as the place to see and be seen. New places to drink and dine and the charming, historic lanes invite visitors to stroll and admire the scenery. On Nolensplein, the recently opened Beej Benders houses a wonderful food hall offering fresh produce and meals.

Venlo surprises you

See, feel and taste the essence of the city. We hope to see you soon!

Venlo at its best

Because these are the things we adore: dining, drinking, shopping and having a good time

Dining & Drinking

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Markt & Old Town Hall

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Surprising speciality stores

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