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A complete evening out

A complete evening out

Venlo offers entertainment that is more then evening filling. Two cinemas, a theatre, a pop temple and a former church converted into a cultural performance space: there's something for everyone. A wide cultural programme for young and old! Combine your show or performance with a drink and some fine food, and your evening is complete. That's the versatility of Venlo! Enjoy!

Theater De Maaspoort

We are home to one of the most welcoming theatres in the Netherlands. Theater de Maaspoort is synonymous with a unique experience that is more than just a relaxing and entertaining evening out. Turning artists, shows, experiences and spectacles into a tangible sensation is what we do. Pure enjoyment at peak performance level! The experience extends beyond the theatre and flows into the the restaurants and the foyers. A complete afternoon or evening out; relax and escape from reality with the thrilling magic of the theatre.

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Poppodium Grenswerk

Grenswerk is the name of the pop podium for the North Limburg region. It is close to the river Maas in Venlo. The programme has a wide appeal to a diversity of target groups: pop, quality, new sounds and deeper dimensions. The programme at Grenswerk is characterised by a creative blend of musical genres and styles such as hiphop, techno, pop, jazz and soul.

Great sounds and the perfectly baked, thin crust pizzas and speciality beers in the eatery are the ingredients that will make your visit to Grenswerk music to your ears.

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Stay the night?

There are many possibilities to choose from! There are various hotels and B&B accommodation right at the heart of Venlo that offer a unique place to stay.

Prefer a quieter place outside the centre? There is a wide choice in Venlo. View the many options for overnight stays here.

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As well as paid on-street parking, the following car parks are located centrally in Venlo.