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Surprising speciality stores

Discover Venlo

Surprising speciality stores

You're bound to know them. Those special little addresses with a unique assortment that everybody is talking about. The kind of shop that makes a city stand out from the crowd. And, you are in luck - Venlo has a whole lot of them. Whether you are trying to track down an exclusive piece of jewellery, the latest LP release by Pearl Jam or English chutney that tastes a cut above the rest. You can find it all in the centre of Venlo. You might have to get off the beaten track , but a shopping hunt through the historic city centre is a joy in its own right anyway. But be warned: make a plan and stick to it, the tempting presence of all the bars and restaurants might side track you! To make things easier: you can find a handy city guide in every ship in the city centre.

Welcome to Geer van de Veer

Dressing up in costumes and partying is great fun of course, but it is also an art that demands the advice of a master. This amazing shop, specialised in all kinds of costumes and disguises is staffed by a team that truly have mastered the art of dressing up. For more than 40 years, 't Versierhoes in the centre of Venlo has been a paradise for festive articles, hats,masks, wigs, costumes for carnival and theme parties, accessories,decorations and more. Let's do the conga and party on down to Geer!

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Mix & match

High-street names like Mexx, Vögele and Tobakko, that mainly targeted German consumers, have receded into the retail background, or even vanished completely. On the other hand, the arrival of Primark has attracted a whole new wave of young consumers to the city. In the past, it was more usual to fill your wardrobe with one, particular brand or dress at a particular boutique. But today mix and match is the device: a chic blouse from Supertrash worn over a trendy pair of trousers from the Irish textile giant. And this has also led to the emergence of many, independent fashion outlets with a unique range of clothing. From fashion diva to designer die-hard, Venlo has the big names and unique addresses.

Specially for the ladies

There can't be many ladies who have never heard of this little gem: Beads 'n Bobbles. This authentic, snug little shop at the heart of the city has been synonymous with jewellery for years. Bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and more. Suus is ready to help you find a unique and personal gift for your best friend, sister, mother or the special one in your life. She sells fantastic, brand name jewellery, but you can also have a piece made specially for you on the spot. To suit your taste and budget. Wrapped up to make a gift that is a pleasure to give and receive. Hey, and why not treat yourself while you're here ;). Go on, enjoy it!

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