On a foundation of cooperation

On a foundation of cooperation

We promote Venlo together with our partners. Venlo is a hard-working, enterprising and multi-faceted city. A city where the possibilities are endless. A city bursting with active residents with brilliant ideas. But also full of innovation, pleasure and cooperation. Our focus is encouraging new developments relating to business, study, shopping and events but, above all, experiencing the essence of our city. Joining forces means we can focus our energy on raising the profile of Venlo. And we all stand to benefit. Let's show everyone who has never heard of us what we stand for - together! The united face of Venlo.

Municipality of Venlo

The municipality of Venlo is our principal client. We follow the lines set out in the strategic policy of the municipality and our activities contribute to accomplishing the intended objectives of the city.

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A business association represents the interests of the business community in Venlo. Venlostad.com fulfils this role for businesses in the city centre of Venlo. As this organisation stimulates enterprise to the fullest. The centre of Venlo is justifiably an urban hub where a multitude of amazing shops can be found , and where well-know high-street chains has also established . A visit is more than worthwhile.

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VVV-Kantoor Venlo (tourist information)

The VVV-Kantoor is the place where visitors can find information about our city. An essential service in the city that provides information and makes its easier for visitors to find their way around and benefit from all that Venlo has to offer.

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Leisure Port

Leisure Port is organisation behind Liefde voor Limburg. Its main focus is tourism. Leisure Port is also one of our key partners when it comes to city promotion. We harmonise our activities and exchange knowledge and information where possible.

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Checkpoint is the student service point in Venlo. Venlo Partners maintains close contact with Checkpoint regarding accommodation, the student pass and work. But also where joint promotion of Venlo is concerned.

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Ondernemend Venlo

Ondernemend Venlo is the organisation that represents more than one thousand businesses. In cooperation with the business community we try to create links and contacts between education institutes and businesses to arrange internship placements and for career opportunities.

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Invest in Venlo

Our ambition as Venlo Partners is to create a diverse city centre with a full range of amenities and a minimum of empty premises. Invest in Venlo is responsible for acquisition for the industrial zones of Groot Venlo. So harmonising planning is important. It's a great idea to invest in Venlo. Do you have investment plans? Then Invest in Venlo is the partner you are looking for.

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Fontys, HAS, University of Maastricht and Gilde Opleidingen

Fontys, HAS and UM are the institutes for vocational, applied and scientific eduction in Venlo. In partnership, we work on making Venlo a true student city. We also cooperate with Gilde Opleidingen and the local secondary schools.

Fontys HAS UM Gilde Opleidingen

Other key partners

In addition to this organisation, we also collaborate with various cultural institutes, sports clubs, event organisers, entrepreneurs in the hotel and catering trade, foundations and associations. If you have a good idea, and see opportunities in a partnership with us, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Give a gift that typifies Venlo?

Looking for a gift that typifies Venlo? Great to give and receive! What about a Groeët Venlose Aetbón- the gift voucher for one of the many restaurants, a gift voucher for the wellness facilities at Thermaalbad Arcen, or City Cinema or De Maaspoort? A voucher for a delicious ice cream at IJssalon Clevers is also sure to be a winner.