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Parade has always enjoyed a reputation as the place for a night on the town. The street has a high density of bars and restaurants to cater for all tastes. But it doesn't just come to life at night, it's also a busy shopping street in the day too. A bustling atmosphere at the weekend and in the week. A lovely street studded with good restaurants, museums just around the corner, a few shops that are completely unique to Venlo, welcoming terraces and barkeepers happy to serve the best beer there is. And, what's more: the hotels in the centre of Venlo are clustered on Parade, in the streets close by.

Spoilt for choice

Parade is the ideal place to have a drink and enjoy a sumptuous meal. Chez l'HĂȘtre, Enfin, De Brasserie, De Witte or Boca. Take your pick ... choosing can be a challenge

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