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The German District

The German District

Three guesses what the biggest magnet in Venlo is… A supermarket? That's right, but not just any supermarket. Coach loads of German bargain hunters cross the border every week for a shopping experience in Die Zwei Brüder von Venlo. You can recognise this tribe of fanatic German shoppers thanks to their shopping trolleys piled high with packs of coffee, cartons of cigarettes and vacuum packed sausages. And aspirins, after all ‘einkaufen machen’- heavy duty shopping - is enough to give anyone a headache. Zwei Brüder, apart from offering a staggering range of coffee and a food department of impressive proportions, is the beating heart of the German district, the place where our eastern neighbours gather to soak up a quintessential slice of real Dutch life. So a portion of fries on a terrace, a bite of fresh herring (eat it the Dutch way by holding the fish by the tail high above your head and lowering it into your mouth) and, of course, cheese and more cheese. For the best fries in town, try Koala!

Die 2 Brüder Von Venlo

A supermarket of truly gigantic proportions, the pulls in our German visitors for coffee, bratwurst and Belgian beer. And the fresh food department is a wonder to behold! An unforgettable supermarket experience.

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