Q4: From Hektor to Manhattan

Q4: From Hektor to Manhattan

What ingredients do you need to make a bustling and vibrant place to be? It's simple. Take one unloved, down-at-heel inner city neighbourhood, a hefty portion of fraudulent businesses, a pinch of corruption and serve with a lot of trouble on the street. Now call on Hektor* to sweep this chaotic mess clean and gift all the empty buildings as a loan to a bunch of creative souls. Open a can of modern thinking architects and leave to simmer to create a delicious cultural soup with nuggets of musical inspiration... What have you got - the new Q4: An area of the city centre where working and living converge in a cultural ambiance with big city ambitions.

A big city feel

The Manhattan of Venlo, packed with creative industries, cradle-to-cradle homes, trendy eateries, ateliers, galleries, designer stores and multifunctional lofts for modern urban dwellers.

Important museums, office blocks, banks, skyscrapers and a Central Park ... Well OK,maybe that's letting our imagination run riot.... But if you do want the taste of big city life , then you can find it in Q4.

So who is the Hektor behind Q4?

In 2001 the municipality of Venlo initiated project Hektor, an integral approach to the problems caused by drug dealing in the inner city. Premises used for drugs-related activities were actively acquired and until they are ripe for redevelopment have been designated a cultural status. In recent years the area has evolved into a hub for creative spirits, hipsters and an incubator for enterprise.

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