The heart of the city

The heart of the city

Vleesstraat is one of the most prominent streets in the centre. Lined with many shops, this streets links the north and south sides of the city crossing the central market with the historic Town Hall. The winding lanes that branch out from Vleesstraat take you deeper into the historic centre. These narrow streets are home to the most delightful speciality shops and surprising boutiques. And are full of pleasant places to stop for lunch, a drink or en evening meal. Don't miss the charms of Jodenstraat, Klaasstraat and Gasthuisstraat and Parade.

Surprising speciality shops

Stroll through winding lanes

Markt in Venlo, in front of the beautiful Town Hall. The true centre of the city. Take a stroll from here through the winding lane in the historic city centre, home to unique shops and inviting places to eat and drink. You are also just a few minutes away from the ‘newest’ district in the centre -Maasboulevard. Familiar and famed high street brands in abundance!

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Culinary delights

Dining out in Venlo is a culinary celebration. Are you tempted by the extensive menu at one of the fantastic top restaurants or will it be a relaxed and enjoyable evening meal in one of the characteristic brasseries or cafes? Or something in between. Whatever your appetite - there is something to suit all tastes. Did you know that Venlo ranks among the national top 5 for its wide range of eateries?

Shop till you drop

Primark, H&M, The Sting, New Yorker, Sport 2000 and many more. These well-known retail chains are found in Vleesstraat and Lomstraat, and also on Maasboulevard. Great for taking your time to explore the latest fashions, or if you need a quick retail fix and know precisely where to find it. Die 2 Brüder van Venlo belongs in this category too. A super-sized supermarket that acts like a magnet pulling in our German visitors to buy coffee, bratwurst and Belgian beer. And the fresh food department is a wonder to behold! An unforgettable supermarket experience.

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