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City Hall Venlo

There's no such thing as waste! That is the basic principle behind the Cradle-to-Cradle philosophy. Venlo is an ardent supporter of this principle and has expressed is C2C ambitions in the new City Hall building.

City Hall: cradle-to-cradle

The Venlo region was the first in the world to embrace the principles of cradle-to-cradle (C2C). It is a method that minimises the environmental impact of products by employing sustainable production, operation, and disposal practices, so that products can be 100% recyclable and waste can serve as a raw material.

The City Hall in Venlo was designed in accordance with these principles to create a comfortable and healthy working environment combined with the ultimate in sustainable innovation. Tangible evidence that the dream of a renewable, sustainable world can become reality.

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Sensational sustainable strategies

A selection of the sustainable strategies used in the building:

The large green fa├žade works like a green lung and purifies the air from the road and railway line next to the building.
The car park is used to pre-heat the air in the building (in winter) or to cool it (in summer).
The greenhouse on top of the building purifies the air and delivers heat for the entire building.
Rainwater is captured and used, then purified by a plant filter before it flows into the Maas again.
Daylight is deflected and guided as deep as possible into the building, which reduces the use of artificial light.
The fittings are independent to construction of the building. This results in extreme durability and a long life cycle.
The materials used do not end up as landfill, but are given a new life at the end of their use.
The void spaces have been designed and dimensioned to create an airflow that is asnatural as possible (less mechanical ventilation needed).

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