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The monastery village of Steyl

The monastery village of Steyl

At the end of the 19th century, Father Arnold Janssen, left his native Germany because of the Kulturkampf (literally ‘culture struggle') and religious persecution to found a religious order for missionaries in Steyl. This was quickly followed by the establishment of two orders of nuns.

A Mission Museum, a printing works and a botanical garden were also set up: all at the heart of Steyl. This created an exceptional enclave of Catholic heritage, which has no equal in the Netherlands: the unique monastery village of Steyl.

A protected heritage site

The past decades have witnessed a decline in the number of monks and nuns residing in the monasteries and nunneries. The importance of Steyl as a destination for tourists seeking recreation and culture has therefore increased. The monumental buildings and historic gardens are maintained and linked to the Maascorridor are along the river. The monastery village was recently designated as a protected heritage site.

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